Former NHL enforcer calls out Boko Imama for not caring about his team and only trying to make a name for himself by embarrassing fight against Ryan Reaves

BY SAM    MARCH 15, 2023  (8:20)
In the game of hockey, fighting is used as a form of self-policing. Fights happen when players take exception to a hit that goes uncalled and they make the other team pay the consequences of that action. In most cases a bad hit cannot go unanswered.

On Sunday night, when the Arizona Coyotes took on the Minnesota Wild, things got out of hand in the first period with 2 fights. Well, If we're being honest, there was really only one as not a single punch landed when Ryan Reaves took on Bokondji Imama. Now former NHL enforcer John Scott is calling Imama out, take a look:

I'm looking at it a little bit differently, I'm looking at Imama and I'm like are you really doing this for the team? Is this really retribution for your defenceman getting hit, or are you doing this for yourself? Because if you're really pissed off that your teammate got buried like this, you're firing in there and throwing punches. You're not going in there tapping him, backing up and just putting on the whole show and going to center ice. That's what I don't like.

If this fight was really about sticking up for your defender, you get right in there and you start throwing bombs, you don't dance around for a little while, miss a few times and have arguably the best fighter in the league laugh at you.

I get that this was Imama's 7th NHL game and you're trying to make the best impression you can to stay in the lineup, but if you're not fighting for the right reasons, everyone will see through it as they did here