Gary Bettman makes a promise to not relocate the Coyotes for a ridiculously long time

BY JOSH    NOVEMBER 30, 2022  (7:01)
Last night Tempe City Council held a vote on whether or not to approve a proposed new Arena development for the Arizona Coyotes. The team has unsurprising partnered with the NHL to pitch the project to the City. This pitch was potentially the team's last hope at remaining in the State.

The Coyotes had put forth a very compelling pitch on their own. Agreeing to turn the former landfill into a brand new entertainment district, at the cost of approximately 2.1 billion dollars. The project highlighted the following key features.

$2.1 Billion Project One of Largest Property Developments in Arizona's History
City Landfill to Landmark -City Landfill Site; ~1.5 million Tons of Trash Will Be Removed ($75 million cost)
16,000+ seat Arena New Home of the Arizona Coyotes + World Class Entertainment Venue
Coyotes Practice Facility- Community Amenity Open to Public; HQ of Youth Hockey Program
"Restaurant Row" and Retail Center Fine Dining and Boutique Shopping
Two Hotels- Boutique and Convention-Style Hotel
Private Medical Office Campus Targeted Tenancy- Health, Wellness, Physical Therapy Center
Up To 1,995 Residential Units - 24/7/365 Live-Work-Play Community
3,500 Person Theater Flexible Space For Smaller Shows, Performances or Activations

During the process the NHL also made a pitch of their own, which included an agreement that the league would not move the team for 30-years. The 30-year non-relocation agreement was more than any effort ever made by Bettman when it came to securing funding or an arena in any other market.

At the Tempe City Council meeting where a vote is expected on the Arizona Coyotes new arena/entertainment district tonight, Gary Bettman says the team is willing to sign a 30-year non-relocation agreement.

He also says the league will bring a draft or all-star game to Tempe.

This 30-year pledge was obviously loathed by fans collectively, as no one truly understands why Bettman is so committed to this market, which has been unable to sell out their 5,000 seat stadium on a nightly basis.

Tempe City Council voted 7-0 in favor of approving this plan, which will send it to a community referendum vote this May. That is when the league will find out if their efforts to remain in Arizona have paid off.