Gary Bettman provides update on next year's salary cap and it's more bad news

BY ANDREW LOFTUS    MARCH 15, 2023  (11:11)
It appears that the raise in the salary cap will be minimal next season in the NHL. This has to be a major disappointment for teams and their fans. As it stands now, the cap might go up just over a million dollars next season. While a million dollars might sound like a good chunk of change, in today's NHL it won't get you very far. That will make things challenging for multiple teams who are already maxed out in the salary cap. As a result, NHL General Managers will have to continue to be shrewd and make the best financial choices they can for their organizations. This is the mindset most general managers have adopted right now.

Look for commissioner Gary Bettman to make an announcement on this soon. Typically, Bettman will claim that it is okay and that the league has never been better. However, not giving teams more flexibility is going to hinder a lot of franchises. Other than a few bottom feeder teams in the league, most teams don't have a lot of cap space available to them.

Look at all the big money contracts franchises handed out this year alone. The salary cap era could continue to force teams into making some tough decisions involving their rosters. Also look for teams to continue to get creative in finding relief, particularly in using long-term injured reserve.

A deal between the NHL and NHLPA could bridge the gap and help teams finally get over the flat cap.