Jordan Binnington shares hilarious comment about his hearing with the Department of Player Safety

BY JOSH    MARCH 17, 2023  (5:57 PM)
Yesterday the NHL's Department of Player Safety summoned Jordan Binnington for a hearing after an incident which occured against the Minnesota Wild. The incident occured in the 2nd period after a goal by Ryan Hartman led to a post whistle scuffle. Binnington was ejected on the play and ultimately received a 2-game suspension for his actions.

Today Binnington spoke about the process and hearing. Surprisingly Binnington gave one of the quotes of the year.

It felt like I was in 'Good Will Hunting' acting as Will trying to defend himself in trial. A new experience, for sure, and definitely not something I want to go through all the time.

This is a great quote from one of the league most unlikable players. Maybe finally receiving a suspension will motivate Binnington to finally get his act together. But given his history, I highly doubt this will be his last suspension.