Ryan Reaves hilariously chirps Jordan Binnington during post game interview with Biznasty

BY MATT    MARCH 16, 2023  (7:06 PM)
The term enforcer is becoming a scarce job title in the NHL these days with only a few true enforcers remaining. One of the most popular in today's game is Ryan Reaves. He is good for chirps, hilarious one-liners, throwing bombs with his fists and chipping in the odd offence.

One of the most well-liked guys on the TNT broadcast is Paul Bissonnette, and every time Reaves and Bissonnette are on screen together it's a must see interview.

After Wednesday nights game against the St. Louis Blues, Reaves was on the post game commenting on the foolish display that Blues' goalie Jordan Binnington put on.

Reaves and Bissonnette shared a moment in making fun of Binnington.

"I don't know exactly what he was doing. He just got buried on, took a five minute penalty and he's trying to fire up the crowd. Hey, appreciate the power play I guess.

After someone off camera throws water on Reaves, Paul Bissonnette hilariously asks "is that Binnington?" Refering to the water bottle throwing incident between Jordan Binnington and Nazem Kadri last summer. Reaves hilariously replies

Oh no, he knows better than that. Those are old moves.

Reavo and Biznasty remain and undefeated duo with their on screen chemistry.