San Jose Sharks Respond To Former Players Accusation

BY MATT    JULY 18, 2023  (9:34)
The San Jose Sharks are denying claims made by a former player of the organization Martin Kaut. The Czech forward said when playing with the Sharks AHL affiliate San Jose Barracuda his coach pressured him to fight, going as far as picking the opponent on a nightly basis.

"One of the coaches chose an opponent for me before each match,"said Kaut, "And I was supposed to fight him. I remember how he once pointed to Adam Kapla."

"Wow, the kid's 230 pounds, 6-foot-8, and I'm supposed to fight him? My countryman on top of it? Hell no."

The Sharks released the following statement denying these claims:

"Let us be unequivocally clear that no such direction was ever given or insinuated by the members of the Sharks or Barracuda coaching or hockey staffs,"

The former first round pick has had to battle multiple injuries during his career.

"I've had three concussions and injured my shoulder twice," Kaut said. "If I fought the guys they picked for me, I'd go down and still get hurt. He made me fight anyway, it really bothered me."

Is this a story of a sour player leaving the game with many injuries or could there be some truth to Kaut's claims?