University issues statement after son of NHL General Manager throws wheel chair down stairs

BY JOSH    MARCH 15, 2023  (1:58 PM)
Yesterday video was released online that showed a College hockey player pushing an unoccupied wheelchair down the stairs at a bar. The person who posted that video pointed the finger at Philadelphia Flyer's General Manager, Daniel Briere's son as the culprit of this act.

The incident occurred over the weekend and has immediately drawn heavy criticism. The woman who released the video tagged both Carson's current hockey team and the University he plays at. Backlash from the incident was so much, the men's hockey team actually deactivated their Twitter account.

Now the Unversity has finally issued a statement about the incident.

The University has vowed to investigate the incident. This isn't the first time Carson Briere has found himself in hot water. Previously Briere found himself cut from the Arizona Sun Devils hockey team after what the University only listed as "conduct detrimental to the team".