Mike Tyson beats up man for talking s*** on an airplane

Published April 21, 2022 at 3:06 PM

Mike Tyson is a no nonsense kind of guy and he's one of the most well recognized celebrities in the world. Unfortunately for one man on a JetBlue flight he learned Tyson stands by his very famous quote.

Social Media made you all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it>.

Well apparently Tyson doesn't just talk about it, because when the man decided he'd harass the legend it didn't take Tyson long to teach the man a very important lesson.

According to TMZ the man left the flight to speak to police officers about the incident, while other witnesses claim the man was heavily intoxicated and Instigating the boxer.

Tyson, who still stays active is known as one of the hardest hitting men in boxing. It was rumoured a couple years ago that Tyson was almost in agreement to fight former NHLer Georges Laraque in a Charity Boxing Match. While that never came to fruition, it's nice to see Tyson still in form.

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