Montreal Canadiens fans are furious with Shea Weber and justifiably so

Published April 26, 2022 at 12:17

The Montreal Canadiens have been one of the worst teams in the National Hockey League this season. One of the reasons for that is the notable absence of Shea Weber on the team's back end.

It's all but assured that Weber will retire before too long. After all he hasn't played with the team at all this year and he's been on Long Term Injured Reserve, the only thing that's missing is his announcement. As Andrew Zandarnowski of TSN 690 points out, the fans of the Montreal Canadiens deserve more.

I think people just need closure on Shea Weber. It's clear that he's no longer a member of the Montreal Canadiens, just a salaried long-term leave transaction. By leaving it open-ended it fuels speculation of cap circumvention due to the implications of retirement.

Listen I get the reason for Weber not officially retiring just yet. If he was to retire, Montreal wouldn't have to pay out the remainder of his salary, but, all this will he/won't he return to play, prolonging the inevitable isn't fair.

Weber, 36, wasn't at the Canadiens home opener, or at their their tribute of Guy Lafleur the other night, but felt well enough to go to Pekka Rinne's jersey retirement in Nashville earlier this season. In 1038 games played split between Nashville and Montreal the defender has 224 goals and 365 assists for 589 points.

OPINION: Montreal Canadiens fans deserve better than to have their captain in limbo, not around the team, but not retired, going to some events but not to others. As much as I dislike the Habs, anyone who wears that heart should take care of it with pride
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Montreal Canadiens fans are furious with Shea Weber and justifiably so

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