Major Hurdle Clears for Brad Treliving to Move to Another Team

Published May 20, 2023 at 1:47 PM

The Calgary Flames have had a change of heart when it comes to former General Manager Brad Treliving. Last week, it was reported by Frank Seravalli that, despite telling him he won't be coming back, the Flames intended not to allow Treliving to speak with any other teams before his contract ran out on June 30th.

"Why hasn't Brad Treliving's name popped up for front office job openings?Teams are interested. Sources say early indication is Flames do not plan to permit Treliving to interview for vacancies until after his contract expires on June 30." - Frank Seravalli


Today, Seravalli is reporting that Calgary's ownership have reserved that decision, and will allow Treliving to be interviewed before the contract expiration date. This puts him in a much better position for a new GM job, as some team's are already in the middle of their hiring process, and likely want to have someone in place before the draft. Seravalli seems to think the decision could have a major impact on the Toronto Maple Leafs' search for a general manager.

"Also: Hearing Flames have reconsidered their approach w former GM Brad Treliving, after our report last week, and will not get in the way if any future employment opportunity arises before his contract expires on June 30.

Ahem, an important development with #LeafsForever news."

This is a big deal for Treliving if the plan is to go elsewhere. Pittsburgh is also looking for a new GM.
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Major Hurdle Clears for Brad Treliving to Move to Another Team

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