Sheldon Keefe, head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs
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Sheldon Keefe Admits He's Still Trying to Figure out Which Maple Leafs He Can Trust

Published January 17, 2024 at 6:06 PM

While Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brad Treliving hasn't said anything one way or the other, and won't unless or until he makes the move, you have to wonder if he's not at least considering a coaching change before the regular season is done. The rift between head coach Sheldon Keefe and his players seems to be growing by the day.

The Leafs have lost four games in a row. It's not that fact that is really causing concern, though. It's that they've blown leads in all four of those games, three of them in the third period. Asked what one of the big issues is, Keefe said he's not sure which players he can trust.

"Sheldon Keefe: 'After 42 games, I still have questions about who I can rely upon.'" - Joshua Kloke, The Athletic

I'm not a head coach, but I know if you can't trust any of your five guys who will be eating up over $50 million in cap space next season, there's an issue. The interesting part of Keefe's posted quote is that almost all of the Toronto fans in the replies say they feel the same about Keefe.

"funny cause i have the same question about keefe after over 300 games"

"Zero confidence in Keefe as head coach of this team.

Zero confidence in Shannahan and Treliving to fix the roster.

Zero confidence in this core.

Leafs need a scorched earth rebuild led by smart hockey people."

Making it to the playoffs and going out in the first or second round simply won't be good enough for Keefe, Treliving, or the team. Treliving has a big decision to make over the next couple of months.
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Sheldon Keefe Admits He's Still Trying to Figure out Which Maple Leafs He Can Trust

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