Don Cherry fires back at former coworker who took a cheapshot at him

Josh tupper
October 21, 2022  (9:02)

Last week Don Cherry's name began to trend online. While many shared positive stories about the Hockey Legend, former CBC Hometown Hockey Host and Cherry's former coworker, Tara Slone took it as an opportunity to try and dump on Cherry.

Slone took to her Twitter account and shared the following information about her thoughts and relationship with Cherry.
I see Don Cherry is trending yet again. I have never weighed in, but I want to now.

I like(d) Don as a person, because like many of us, he wasn't just one thing. But I loathed his perspective, more and more as the years went by.

He sort of tolerated Hometown Hockey, but was jealous of Ron's other job/co-host. He thought we were soft and woke and focussed on too much outside of hockey. HTH wasn't for everyone, so that didn't bother me.

He had some good points, probably, once upon a time. He has tons of charisma, which is why he stayed on air for so long. But this incessant and nostalgic elevating of Don as some figure who we should look to as a hockey and political leader? Come ON.

I like him, I really do. I hope he is healthy and doing well. But he is a bigot and had no place on national television with a national platform. It wasn't the poppy incident, it was everything he proclaimed over 3 decades. Come. On. Stop with the deification.

After the comments Cherry's phone began to ring off the hook asking what he thought about Slone's comments. Cherry took some time with the Toronto Sun TJ share his thoughts:
The first thing I said was, ‘Who is she?' I didn't recognize her but someone said she was the one always with Ron (MacLean). I didn't even know who she was.

She was just trying to get some publicity and got her picture in the paper. I don't mind. Now I know who she is.

It's clear Cherry feels that Slone is just trying to remain relevant after her stint with MacLean finally ended. This will likely continue happening as long as Cherry is relevant.
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Don Cherry fires back at former coworker who took a cheapshot at him

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