Fans and Players Call On Swedish Team to Cancel Contract of American Player

Published August 23, 2023 at 9:14

A team in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) is facing major backlash from fans and players after signing an American to a new contract. Skelleftea AIK announced the signing of Kenny Agostino on Monday, and has faced mounting criticism ever since.

Agostino left the NHL two years ago to play in the KHL. According to Skelleftea, Agostino attempted to break his contract repeatedly after Russian's invasion of Ukraine, but was unable to do do. However, Expressen.se says it has obtained text messages showing Agostino had the chance to play in the SHL last year but was clear about staying in the KHL because of the extra money.

"I confirm that we had him on a visa and that the message we got was that he broke off because he felt that our compensation was too far from his KHL contract." - Växjö's sports director Henrik Evertsson to Expressen.

"I have a hard time giving up such a big difference in money. I understand that it is unknown but it is just such a big difference. They keep guaranteeing me that I will get a visa. It's very confusing." - Agostino in text message to team obtained by Expressen.

Now, many fans and even some fellow players are calling on Skelleftea to cancel the deal with Agostino. Swedish player Linus Omark had some harsh words for both Agostino and Skelleftea.

"I think it is wrong of them to bring him in. They (Skelleftea) have tried to twist and turn it. But that stuff about not being able to get out of a contract is just bulls--t." - Linus Omark

Omark himself once played in the KHL, but left as soon as the invasion of Ukraine took place.

North Power, Skelleftea's official supporter's club, is also unhappy with the signing.

"North Power's board does not stand behind the recruitment of Kenny Agostino and we demand that his contract with AIK be immediately terminated. - North Power

Agostino is the first player from the KHL who was there after the invasion of Ukraine to be signed by an SHL team.

Source: Aftonbladet
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Fans and Players Call On Swedish Team to Cancel Contract of American Player

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