Fans upset after player who just signed professional tryout makes negative comment

Published September 9, 2023 at 9:56

Signing a Professional Tryout in the National Hockey League has become more common over the last few years and it usually means one of two things: either you're signing one as a result of the flat cap because no teams have very much money, or you're trying to keep your career alive. If it's the latter, one thing you definitely don't want to do is make a negative comment about the process with the team you just joined.

Alex Chiasson just recently signed a Professional Tryout with the Boston Bruins and according to Ty Anderson of 98.5 The Underground, he's already made a negative comment about the process. Some fans aren't too happy; take a look.

Sounds like he's speaking on the process but stilllol ok buddyreaaaallly sounds like you wanna be here.

Good thing we have other PTOs cough cough Danton Heinen cough cough


No doubt the PTO process is far from perfect, the uncertainly of it all must weigh on the players quite heavily, but you would expect Chiasson to at least be excited that he was invited to camp at all. If this is what you say as soon as you get the chance, the optics of it don't look good.

Chiasson should be grateful he gets a chance to make an NHL roster at all, if the process is so bad, he didn't have to sign a tryout agreement, but sometimes that's the price of trying to continue your NHL career.

Fans of the Boston Bruins have a right to be upset here, it definitely doesn't give a good first impression, nor does it seem like you're actually motivated to give your all at camp.
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Fans upset after player who just signed professional tryout makes negative comment

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