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Flyers legend reminds everyone of the Flyers draft day blunder, in what was one of the best quotes of the year

Published December 29, 2022 at 6:07 PM

There were some memorable quotes from this past year, but the best one has to go to this Philadelphia legend when talking about a recent draft.

Looking back at the 2017 draft there's no way Nolan should've been the second overall pick in that draft. No disrespect to Patrick, but Cale Makar falling to 4th overall and into the Colorado Avalanche's lap is arguably one of the biggest draft day blunders in recent memory.

The boys over at the Cam and Strick podcast had to remind us that Philadelphia Flyers legend Bobby Clarke said everyone at the draft wanted Makar instead of Patrick:

we get the second pick in the draft and we end up drafting Nolan Patrick. None of our scouts wanted Nolan Patrick- I mean I don't know where Patrick should've gone after his performances, they wanted Makar, of course he went next

From the sounds of it, Flyers general manager at the time Ron Hextall made the decision to draft Patrick on his own.

Clarke doesn't pull any punches while throwing Hextall under the bus and this was probably one of the most memorable quotes from this past year.

All I can say is, never change Clarke, never change.
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