Insider reveals when he expects the Nazem Kadri contract to be signed

Josh tupper
August 16, 2022  (8:29)

A month after free agency opened Nazem Kadri is still a free agent. When free agency opened there is no way that Kadri and his representatives thought it would drag on this long. But after pricing himself out if the initial free agent market, it does appear the Kadri Saga is finally winding down.

Kadri is set to bring the Stanley Cup to London, Ontario on August 27th and it does appear we may have some closure in his contract situation by then. It has been long rumored that Kadri had agreed to a 7-year, $49,000,000 contract with the New York Islanders. But staying true to character, Lou Lamoriello has kept everything a secret. The same way he kept Kyle Palmieri's contract a secret last season.
But now according to John Shannon, a well placed source informed him that the deal should be completed in the next week. While on the Sekeres and Price Podcast, Shannon said the following:
I do think he ends up with the New York Islanders, I think that there are still some, you know, chairs to move on the on the deck of the of the cruise ship before that they can announce it, but it wouldn't surprise me that it it gets done this week at some point.

I do know, is that Lou has to find has to move some money to. And so, that becomes that becomes the. That becomes the bigger storyline is. How much? Where is Lou moving some of the money to?

And and quite, frankly has have, Darren Ferris, the agent and and Naz. Have they finally realized that his price point isn't as high as the one he expected to get near 9 million dollars. So it how the information of the deal getting done this week has leaked out is absolutely amazing to me, But I got it from a very good source that It's going to happen very soon.

I for one will be very happy once the Kadri situation gets sorted out as it will likely open up the secondary free agent market. This will likely allow teams to find some significant depth on the free agent market as they finalize their rosters.
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Insider reveals when he expects the Nazem Kadri contract to be signed

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