Jon Cooper speaks to the media for the first time since his post game temper tantrum

Matt Garland
June 23, 2022  (3:17 PM)

If you're a hockey fan you've likely already seen the controversial goal in overtime that won Game 4 for the Colorado Avalanche. After last night's game Jon Cooper said the following during the post game press conference:

"My heart breaks for the players, because we probably still should be playing."

Jon Cooper met with the media on Thursday, the day after the overtime loss in Game 4
«What's great about today is that it's not yesterday and, now, it's like I've got some excitement for Game 5 and, now, my mind is turning on how to win that»

"Nothing that we can do to turn back. They missed it. It's unfortunate but it's water under the bridge now. It should be a hell of a Game 5."

"You're in an emotional game and I find it odd that they got that wide open in the play but, from our angle, the bench, and their reviewing whether the puck is in the net so the only way I can find out is I have to go back in the room and look at the tape. You do and, then, you have to face all of you five minutes after an emotional loss and, so, I apologize for last night."

There was a ton of shenanigans on the overtime winner from the Avs having six players on the ice. Was Nathan MacKinnon close enough to the bench? How about the seven Lightning players on the ice? The initial game sheet showing six skaters out on the ice (six players and the goalie) on the Colorado goal.
At the end of the day none of it matters. Tampa are down 3-1 and cannot lose another game. Coopers' comments today show a coach who has accepted the loss and is ready to move on to Game 5.
Facing an elimination game in the Finals is new to Tampa. In 2019-2020 they beat the Dallas Stars in six games. 2020-2021 they beat the Montreal Canadiens in five games to capture the cup. We shall see in Game 5 what kind of motivating tricks Cooper has to keep the dynasty run going for the Lightning.
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Jon Cooper speaks to the media for the first time since his post game temper tantrum

How will the Lightning respond in Game 5 after the heartbreaking loss?

They are done Cup being awarded on Friday25265.3 %
Respond like back to back champs. Series will go 68020.7 %
Winning the next three, Three-peat is happening5414 %
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