NHL announces multi-game suspension for San Jose Sharks forward

Published December 19, 2022 at 7:00 PM

The National Hockey League Department of Player Safety has been busy this year, they once again were called into action. Earlier today they announced a hearing for San Jose Sharks forward Thomas Hertl after he swung his stick and caught Calgary Flames forward Elias Lindholm in the face.

Now, the DoPS has announced the punishment for Hertl, a two game suspension.

San Jose's Tomas Hertl has been suspended for two games for High-sticking Calgary's Elias Lindholm

The incident took place off the opening draw in the third period after Hertl took a cross check from Lindholm, became frustrated and swung his stick hitting Lindholm directly in the face. Hertz received a 2 minute high sticking penalty on the play.

Listen, I know that things happen during the course of a game that make people frustrated, but a cross check off the draw like that happens most often than not, if that's how Hertl responds, his fuse is becoming much to quick to play in the NHL

Usually I don't agree with the DoPs, however, on this occasion I do. This was clearly an intent to injure on Hertl's part. This was the right punishment.
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NHL announces multi-game suspension for San Jose Sharks forward

Did the NHL DoPS get the suspension right?

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