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Play-by-Play Announcer Screams his Head Off as Loose Puck Comes Towards Him

Published January 18, 2024 at 11:39
I'm not sure I've ever heard screaming like this in a hockey game. A play-by-play announcer is going viral on the internet after a puck that went over the boards caused his to completely freak out.

I'm not sure of the person's name, but the video comes from a hockey game in Nova Scotia. The play-by-play announcer is calmly calling the game when the puck goes over the glass and heads in his direction. He lets out three huge screams like something is trying to kill him. Then, he apologizes numerous times for the outburst, and for saying "oh my God!, which is apparently him taking the lord's name in vain.

"I apologize for that. I'm sorry. There's a few people looking at me. I'm fine. I'm fine, just, oh my God! I apologize for that one right there, and for saying 'oh my God!,' I shouldn't be saying that. Ok, I'm just trying to catch my breath here."

Nova Scotian hockey commentator thinks he is going to die because of loose puck
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As the announcer said, he's fine, and so is everyone else involved. If you couldn't see the video and just had access to the audio, you would think someone was likely seriously hurt or worse in the incident.
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Play-by-Play Announcer Screams his Head Off as Loose Puck Comes Towards Him

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