Player lands multiple shots on defenceless opponent

Published December 28, 2022 at 10:46

The Federal Prospects Hockey League is known as one of the toughest pro sports leagues on North America. They wasted no time coming out of the holiday break.

Yesterday, in a game that saw the Delaware Thunder take on the Danbury Hat Tricks, things got a little out of hand halfway through the 3rd period, take a look at this wild scene as it unfolds:

A Hat Tricks player tackles a Thunder player at centre ice, from there all bets are off and things get unhinged from there.

As you can see, after the take down, the Delaware player gets on top and punches a defenceless Danbury player more than once, as soon as that happens, everyone jumps in and tries their best to grab a partner.

I love the FPHL, it's a bunch of guys that are living out their dream of playing professional hockey and will do whatever it is they have to earn a paycheque. When you mix that with the emotions of a competitive game like hockey, fireworks are sure to happen more often than not.
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Player lands multiple shots on defenceless opponent

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