Vegas Golden Knights reportedly looked to trade Jack Eichel to acquire Matthew Tkachuk

S. Harper
July 25, 2022  (11:38)

When the Buffalo Sabres and Las Vegas Golden Knights came together and made the deal to send Jack Eichel to the Golden Knights, many believed that move made them the odds on favorite to win the Stanley Cup. However, unfortunately for Vegas and Eichel that didn't happen. After the move the Golden Knights didn't even make the playoffs. Even worse for Eichel, the Sabres players they received in return, Peyton Krebs, and Alex Tuch both thrived in Buffalo.

Buffalo Sabres fans and Sabres Insiders also made it clear after the Golden Knights missed the playoffs that Jack Eichel isn't the player everyone made him out to be. In hindsight the Sabres appeared to be better off trading Eichel then when he was playing in Buffalo.
The Jack Eichel trade appears to be the gift that keeps on giving. Fans continue to roast him long after he's left town, and he is now public enemy number one in Western New York.
It also appears the Golden Knights' General Manager, Kelly McCrimmon might have some Jack Eichel buyers remorse because WB Buffalo News site revealed that the Golden Knights were looking to trade Eichel when the Golden Knights tried to make a pitch to trade Jack Eichel to make cap space to acquire Matthew Tkachuk. No word on if the Golden Knights offered Eichel up in the trade for Tkachuk but definitely a possiblity.
The hot rumor around the league today is that Eichel may be on his way out of Vegas, as the Golden Knights have their sights set on Matthew Tkachuk. With the horrendous salary cap situation the Knights left themselves in after obtaining Eichel, there is almost no feasible way they could keep him on their roster, and trade for Tkachuk.

That obviously didn't happen because Tkachuk is now a Florida Panther. But with the horrendous salary cap situation the Knights left themselves in after obtaining Eichel, McCrimmon might be looking to try to pawn Eichel off on another team very soon.
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