Wayne Simmonds fires back at racist hockey writer ''you've been warned''

October 10, 2022  (7:10 PM)

The Toronto Sun newspaper is published by Postmedia Network and published its first edition on November 1st, 1973.

Editorially, the paper frequently follows the positions of traditional Canadian/British conservatism and neo-conservatism in the United States on economic issues. Editorials typically promote individualism, self-reliance, the police, and a strong military and support for troops. Editorials typically condemn high taxes and, most of all, perceived government waste.

So it would follow that Steve Simmons would be a reporter there, as he continues to post regularly terrible NHL takes and racist content.
Former Toronto Maple Leafs Forward Wayne Simmonds wasn't having any of Simmons's contempt-worthy material this week after he punched back on another trashy Simmons column.
Just a quick msg to the hockey world. I usually don't have time for this but tonight I do! I really don't appreciate what your trying to do (Steve Simmons) your article was asinine and in no way reflects the real plight that my self, Akim and other players of colour go through.

You Are Minimizing the pain and suffering and dismissing the actual fight that we as a ppl actually have to endure just to even be accepted in the game of hockey at a lower level nvm the professional ranks. DO NOT EVER use my name or any other player of colour's name to try and

make your point. We will no longer sit by quietly as our characters are assassinated Steve! This will only make us stronger and speak out against ppl of your nature! If you were trying to be cool or funny, you missed your mark. YOUVE BEEN WARNED!!! Ps this is me being nice!

«No one wants to say this because of the politically correct police and all, but those who coached Akim Aliu must cringe every time they see him in a news report or a commercial talking about what's wrong with hockey. Like he would know. By my count, Aliu played for 23 teams in nine different leagues in 12 professional seasons and rarely finished any season with the same team he started with. If that was colour-related, how is it that Wayne Simmonds spent just about the same 12 seasons playing in the NHL?» Simmons wrote.

Simmons' dedication to being wrong and misunderstanding power dynamics is not surprising, given his papers' background as a rag that probably helped give birth to Doug Ford's political career.
The reporter's contrast of two different players, with different career trajectories, was pretty-short sighed, yet Simmons has been a member of the Toronto Chapter of the Professional Hockey Writers Association, having covered the Leafs unceremoniously since 1980(Yikes).
Aliu responded back in kind:
«Obviously being in this space there are times that people say negative things about you but you find a way to let it go. But this one got me good. This one got me at my core.» Aliu said in the video. «I've seen Steve talk negatively about me for some time now and the funny thing is I've never spoken to him or met him in my life people like Steve are what's wrong with society.»

«You're a racist and you're an arrogant, and you have zero credibility and respect from even your own peers in the media space and athletes alike,» Aliu added. «And if the Toronto Sun had any integrity whatsoever, you will never write another column again.»

Simmons, unfortunately, used to being dragged on Twitter and today was no different, as Simmonds and Aliu rightfully dragged Simmons for his column.
Simmonds spent the majority of his career split between, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Buffalo and his last two seasons in Toronto, playing 1,019 NHL games.
Aliu played 7 games in the NHL, after being drafted 56th overall.
The Toronto Sun nor the Toronto Maple Leafs have yet to publically comment on the story.
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