Bill Daly Reveals Where the Arizona Coyotes will Play Next Year

Published May 17, 2023 at 2:50 PM

Ever since the vote tally was announced publicly, the speculation on where the Arizona Coyotes will play next year has been rampant. The team lost a public vote that would have seen a new arena and entertainment district built in Tempe, leaving everyone wondering where the team would be moving. The NHL's Deputy Commissioner is now chiming in.

According to Bill Daly, the Coyotes are going nowhere next season.

"Slow that Arizona Coyotes relocation talk down for now. NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly tells ESPN: 'I don't envision a scenario in which the Coyotes are not playing in Mullett Arena next season.' Coyotes have confirmed. Story soon." - Greg Wyshynski, ESPN

So, for 2023-24 anyway, it appears the Coyotes will be where they were last season. How long that will last, though is anyone's guess. There's no way the NHL can continue to have a team play at a 5000 seat arena, especially when games still aren't selling out. Several relocation sites have been talked about, including Houston, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta. While Quebec City has also been mentioned, the consensus from analysts is that's not going to happen.

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Bill Daly Reveals Where the Arizona Coyotes will Play Next Year

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