Insider reveals the embarrassing reason Shane Doan left Arizona to join the Toronto Maple Leafs

Published June 10, 2023 at 10:01

Shane Doan is viewed as one of the classiest players in NHL history. Doan is a rarity in today's game, he played his entire 21 season career with the team, logging 1540 games. Doan was the captain of the franchise and re.ajnrd one of the only bright spots through some very dark times.

So it was only natural that after his player career, Doan would transition into a management role with the team. One he reportedly truly enjoyed and wanted to continue in. So why is a franchise icon who are wanted to remain in Arizona suddenly transitioning to an Assistant to the General Manager role with the Leafs?

Well according to one insider the blame firmly falls upon the Coyotes. Over the last couple years Doan had shared his interest in becoming more involved, but the Coyotes have refused to advance his role.

Craig Morgan shared the following report on the situation:

It is no secret that Doan has wanted to be more involved in hockey ops than he was with the Coyotes.
His experiences working for the league and Hockey Canada helped build his knowledge base.

Doan & new Toronto GM Brad Treliving have also been good friends for a long time; a relationship that was forged while Treliving was the AGM in AZ.
Treliving has described Doan as «a great hockey mind.»

Obviously, it is the Coyotes ownership group's prerogative to structure their executive staff as they see fit, but Doan was not content with what was perceived as more of a ceremonial role and it's another blow — a big one — to watch the franchise's greatest icon walk away.

Despite his extensive knowledge and respect within the franchise, the team once again made themselves a butt of a joke. Refusing to advance Down's role beyond being "ceremonial" the team managed to chase away their franchise icon and make their entire front office worse all at once.

Another great job by the Coyotes.
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Insider reveals the embarrassing reason Shane Doan left Arizona to join the Toronto Maple Leafs

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