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Patrice Bergeron opens up about whether or not he'll make a comeback this season

Published January 23, 2024 at 10:10

It seems like ever since Patrice Bergeron announced his retirement last July, there have been rumours of a potential comeback. That's probably because Bergeron went out scoring 27 goals and 58 points in his last season, and seemed to have at least another two to three good years left.

Bergeron has been spotted lately skating in Boston with some former teammates and friends, once again sparking rumours that he might be coming back. Bergeron denied those rumours again last week, saying he's happy in retirement. He's now come out to explain the weekly skate on Fridays.

"No, it is not happening. I'm not making a comeback, not trying to make a comeback."

"Come to our skates...the rumours would go away pretty quickly. It's a slow pace."

Two of the former teammates of Bergeron's at the weekly skate are goaltenders Tuukka Rask and Jaroslav Halak. According to the latest report, Halak is most definitely still looking for an NHL team to sign him for this season, and is likely using the weekly gathering to stay in game shape.

Translation: Jaroslav Halak is still training overseas (in a group with Patrice Bergeron and Tuukka Rask), but he hasn't decided what to do next. I've heard speculation about Pardubice [Czech Extraliga], but no one has contacted him and the club is supposedly going after another goalie, so I don't know where that came from.

Bergeron seems very happy with his retirement. Personally, I really don't see him returning to the NHL as a player, although I could absolutely see a front office position somewhere in the future.
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Patrice Bergeron opens up about whether or not he'll make a comeback this season

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