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Brad Marchand celebrates a goal
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Brad Marchand accused of cheating and breaking NHL rule

Published April 30, 2024 at 5:59 PM

Desperate times call for desperate measures and for one group of Maple Leafs fans, that means accusing Brad Marchand cheating. The accusation comes from an Instagram account that pointed out a potential rule violation of Marchand. The hilarious accusation surfaced online today and had many people left in stitches.

The account peaceloveandsports took to Instagram shared the following post to their page.

peaceandlovesports Hello??? Human fly over here!!!
This may come as a surprise to some people but Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand is currently cheating. Marchand is in clear violation of the NHL'S official rulebook... Section 3 - Equipment: Rule 9.3!!! Marchand must fix his jersey before he is allowed on the ice for Game 3. We have rules for a reason! #Suspend BradMarchand #WarAndHateAthletics

This appears to be a complete non-issue and overall a large amount of copium coming from a fan base in Toronto who likely knows their season is over as early as tonight. It is also not surprising to see a fan base to after Marchand, a player who has been under the Leafs skin for the entire series.

Just for fun, Marchand isn't the only Bruins player to face accusations of cheating.

Game 5 of the series happens tonight in Boston as the Maple Leafs look to keep their season alive.
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Brad Marchand accused of cheating and breaking NHL rule

Who wins Game 5?

Toronto Maple Leafs38081.7 %
Boston Bruins8518.3 %
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