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Calgary Flames legend shares he suffered medical emergency at Calgary Airport

Published February 5, 2024 at 12:33
Lanny McDonald is probably one of the most recognizable players in NHL History. His patented mustache has always been part of his trademark look. Over his 16 year career McDonald played games for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Colorado Rockies and Calgary Flames.

Over 1111 career games Lanny scored 500 goals and added 506 assists. All in all, McDonald is considered one of the nicest people to have ever played the game. Over the weekend the Maple Leafs alumni made the trip to Toronto for the All Star Game. Unfortunately for McDonald upon his arrival home to Calgary he suffered a medical emergency.

McDonald shared the following information:

It's true that that even old tough guys need some help sometimes; today, I want to extend my overwhelming gratitude to many members of our community. After spending a weekend wowed by hockey's best at the All-Star game in Toronto, had a cardiac event after arriving back at the Calgary Airport yesterday.

Two selfless nurses who were passing by to catch their own flights immediately jumped into action. In the rush of the moment, Ardell wasn't able to get their names, but we are eternally grateful for their care and action... owe them my life.

Further, to the incredible team of first responders from the Calgary Airport Police, Calgary Paramedics, Calgary Fire, and WestJet-I wish could thank you all personally, as I know there were so many involved. They provided the highest degree of support, kindness and professionalism, and I am humbled to have been the recipient of their speed and expertise. Now, here at the hospital, the amazing care continues, every nurse and doctor better than the next.

Thank you for the well wishes (news travels fast!). While I hang out here as the professionals figure out next steps for the ol' ticker, try to convince the team here to bet on the Chiefs next Sunday, and never stop cheering for our Flames.


Our thoughts go out to Lanny McDonald as he battles back from this situation. Thank you to all those involved who continue to prove just how strong the human spirit can be.
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Calgary Flames legend shares he suffered medical emergency at Calgary Airport

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