Former NHLER forces an Oilers legend while telling a story about his time in the league

Matt Garland
August 20, 2023  (10:00)

For a ten year period between the mid 90s and early 2000s Edmonton Oilers' fans fell in love with Ryan Smyth, who was a heart and soul player for the franchise. He was a nuisance to play against with his ability to fight for position in front of goaltenders, screening them and being in the right position for deflections and rebounds. His most productive season in the NHL was in 2003-2004 where he scored 31 goals and 70 points in 82 games.

With the NHL being ultra competitive not all players are going to get along but the respect should be there, going to war on the ice each time. That doesn't seem to be the case between Smyth and former NHLer and current podcast host Shane O'Brien.
On a recent episode of the Missin Curfew podcast, O'Brien roasted Smyth sharing his distain for the former winger.
i'll tell you why I hate Ryan Smyth, began O'Brien. First of all because he thought he was Wayne Gretzky, which he was nowhere even in the same f***ing breath. I don't care if he wore the long gloves and tucked his shirt in or what the f*** ever.

I used to want to kill him in front of the net, I'll give him credit, he could take a beating and he would go to the net hard," said O'Brien reluctantly.

The hulking former defender would go on to tell a story that really fired him up about Smyth, putting his hate for the former Oiler in an irrevocable state.
"But the reason I hated him is when I signed with Colorado I heard a story about him in preseason, began O'Brien. He just signed a huge ticket with the Colorado Avalanche, exhibition game, there was a puck in front of the net... this kid shot it. Some young kid that was just playing an exhibition game that I don't think ever played in the NHL. In an exhibition game and Ryan Smyth went to the ref 'It hit my pants' and took the kid's goal in an exhibition game, and this guy was in the league for 10 years by then or maybe more.

At that point I let him know every time I played against him, said O'Brien. You think you're Captain Canada Smyth? You're f***ing nuts! Every game I would chirp him 'You're such a f***ing nerd Smythy, no one thinks you're cool, not even people in Edmonton that you think love you'... I hate him, I hate him.

Both players spent the majority of their careers in the Western Conference so there would have been plenty of games to battle. You can tell the fire still burns for O'Brien. I don't foresee a call coming for Smyth to be a guest on the podcast anytime soon.
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Former NHLER forces an Oilers legend while telling a story about his time in the league

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