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Fan fight breaks out at Oilers watch party
Photo credit: YEG Wave

Fan fight breaks out at Edmonton Oilers playoff watch party

Published April 23, 2024 at 8:26

Outdoor playoff viewing parties have become commonplace in the NHL over the past few years. Providing fans an opportunity to watch their team on the big screen outside of the Arena has become a unique and enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, as is always the case, certain individuals are unable to partake in this experience without trying to ruin it for everyone.

Last night the Edmonton Oilers faced off against the Los Angeles Kings in game one of their Western Conference playoff series. This is the third year in a row the two teams have met in the first round. The Oilers have won both of the previous two series and ended last night taking a 1-0 series lead.

During the game though Oilers fans at the team viewing party. Let their emotions run just a little bit too high. In this video posted by YEG Wave A fight between multiple parties occurred outside of Rogers Arena.

Unfortunately, for Oilers fans this has become a common occurrence and during last year's playoff run threats of closing down the square occurred. Hopefully fans are able to be better behaved as it would be a shame for this experience to be ruined for everyone.

Game 2 in this series goes Wednesday night in Edmonton.
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Fan fight breaks out at Edmonton Oilers playoff watch party

Who wins this series?

Edmonton Oilers46181.9 %
Los Angeles Kings10218.1 %
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