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Oilers assistant coach accused of making inappropriate gesture

Published May 9, 2024 at 9:26

The Edmonton Oilers in Vancouver Canucks begin to their Western Conference series last night with game 1 in Vancouver. The Canucks were able to capture the victory, give themselves a 1-0 series lead after a comeback victory. After falling behind 4-1 the Canucks fought back for the 5-4 victory.

Just hours after the conclusion of the game allegation surfaced online against Edmonton Oilers assistant coach Paul Coffey. The allegations come from a Canucks fan sitting behind the Oilers bench who claimed that Coffey made the gesture towards a fan who had been banging on the glass.

The Oilers were leading & Paul Coffey turned to make racist hand gestures toward a fan's turban, mocking his head. The Canucks game back and won in regulation. Karma is real. Hope Paul is held responsible for his actions.

The accuser was able to provide a timestamp to which the incident occurred and even encouraged both Arena and team staff to look up the incident. While usually these one-off incidents have no additional support, this incident had multiple people claiming a similar incident occurred.

More from reddit. Please post a video if anyone caught it, otherwise members of media have also requested it from the Canucks alongside my original request.

According to reports, multiple members of credentialed media have requested access to the footage at this time. We will continue to I provide updates as they become available. Despite what the Internet thinks this claim does not make Coffey guilty.


A Vancouver Canucks fan who was in attendance, who was in attendance told Blade of Steel that an incident occurred, but the fan who was incessantly banging on the glass was ejected from the game.
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Oilers assistant coach accused of making inappropriate gesture

Who wins this series?

Vancouver Canucks20449.6 %
Edmonton Oilers20750.4 %
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