Kyle Okposo Wanted Some Extra Motivation In His Contract It's About To Pay Off

Matt Garland
June 16, 2024  (1:19 PM)

Kyle Okposo
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Veteran forward Kyle Okposo could win the Stanley Cup against the Edmonton Oilers and he would get a massive reward on top of it as well.

Florida Panthers forward Kyle Okposo can achieve his life long dream of hoisting the Stanley Cup for the first if his Panthers are to beat the Oilers. He will also be cashing in on a bonus that he signed when he was a Buffalo Sabre.
Okposo knew that he was coming back for his 17th season in the NHL but wanted some extra motivation to do so. He negotiated his one-year deal with general manager Kevyn Adams with a request that if he was to win the Stanley cup he would be paid a $500k bonus.
At the time it probably seemed like an odd request given Buffalo is in the longest playoff drought in major North American pro sports. Okposo wanted to be a Sabre but knew there was always the possibility for a trade. If it was going to happen, he wanted to join a contender. He got his wish when he was moved to the Panthers and now he is within grasp of the holy grail of hockey.
Florida Panthers owner Vincent Viola will be happy to write the $500k cheque if his franchise can achieve their first ever Stanley Cup.
I wanted to make sure that I gave myself a chance, no matter what,» Okposo said. «If I didn't have that in my contract, I might not have tried to continue it on, to continue to push. It was kind of a reminder, more than anything, that I wanted a chance to win.

I'm not a very selfish person and it was hard to make a decision like that, but I wanted to put it out there.

It hasn't been all smooth sailing in Florida, the 36 year old, has been scratched six out of the twenty games during this playoff run. He has gotten in every game of the Stanley Cup Final against the Oilers, producing two assists while averaging just 8:33 in ice time.
With Okposo in the twilight of his career it would be great to cap it off with a Stanley Cup and the extra $500k being icing on the cake.
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Kyle Okposo Wanted Some Extra Motivation In His Contract It's About To Pay Off

Does Kyle Okposo retire if his wins a Stanley Cup with the Panthers?

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