Wild's Ryan Hartman explains what made Jordan Binnington go off, it's hilarious

Published March 24, 2023 at 8:22

Jordan Binnington has a reputation around the National Hockey League for being a hot head and losing his cool more often than not. This was most recently evident when he got into it with the Minnesota Wild on March 16th.

Wild forward Ryan Hartman explains why Binnington lost his temper and it's as hilarious as you would imagine, take a look.

it started with him spearing Ekker in the end of the first periodwell Ekker held from behind with his head up like always. He came up into the pile and gave him a little- a bag check and I was pretty pissed off about that. Kinda just let it settle ‘cause we were down 3-1 and then we scored 3 goals to make it 4-3, they called a timeout, and I went out there and just told him to stay in it, you're alright, just stay in it, you'll be okay. He didn't like it very much that's when he started coming over to our bench and mouthin' off. Before that draw, actually on that power-play I scored on, I actually told the ref Kelly Sutherland, I'm like hey Binnington is going to take a penalty this shift, you might wanna- ‘cause I was gonna stand in front of him, expecting him to whack me

One of my favourite things about the sport of hockey, is the game within the game. Hartman is going out there and doing his job, knowing full well Binnington is going to lose his cool.

For a Stanley cup winning goaltender, you'd think Binnington would have a cooler head, but it seems to be a game around the league to see if and when he'll lose his temper time and again.

Hartman's explanation of events is hilarious.
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Wild's Ryan Hartman explains what made Jordan Binnington go off, it's hilarious

Should the linesmen have stopped Binnington and Fleury from dropping the gloves?

No, let them go32892.7 %
Yes, no reason for either to get hurt267.3 %
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