Canadiens Make Final Decision on Controversial Prospect Logan Mailloux

Published September 11, 2023 at 10:30

With NHL training camps set to open soon, there's been plenty of speculation on what will happen with controversial Montreal Canadiens prospect Logan Mailloux. Habs Vice President Jeff Gorton is now clearing the air.

Gorton told reporters that, as far as he's concerned, if Mailloux makes the Canadiens out of training camp, he will play in the NHL this season.

"Jeff Gorton says Logan Mailloux should be clear to play if he makes the NHL. He'll still have to be officially cleared by Gary Bettman if he makes it. Gorton says it basically should be a formality based on a prior meeting with the league." - Eric Engels

The other options would be sending Mailloux to the AHL, or back to Juniors.

Mailloux was drafted 30th overall by Montreal in 2021, despite the defenceman saying he was renouncing himself from the selection process. Mailloux played in Sweden the year before the draft, and was fined around $1500 USD for secretly taking and then sharing photos on a young woman while the two were engaged in a sexual act. Mailloux was suspended from the OHL for his actions, while NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman stated he would have to ge the go ahead from the commissioner himself in order to play in the NHL.

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Canadiens Make Final Decision on Controversial Prospect Logan Mailloux

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