Yaroslav Askarov loses his blocker, still makes the save but nearly gets cut by a skate

Published March 22, 2023 at 9:05 PM

Yaroslav Askarov is one of the top rated goalie prospects in the NHL. The Nashville Predators draft pick has continued to develop and show he possess all the skills to be an NHL goaltender. One of those skills just happens to be a high compete level.

During today's game against the Toronto Marlies that compete level nearly got Askarov in trouble. With the puck looses in his crease, Askarov loses his blocker as he attempts to cover the puck. Askarov instinctively reaches for the puck with his bare hand

Askarov is able to get the stoppage in play, but he immediately begins to examine his hand for any damage.

Luckily it appears Askarov is uninjured, but this was likely closer than the goalie would have liked. But this sort of heart and effort shows that Askarov won't be outside the NHL for long.
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