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Milwaukee Admirals goalie Yaroslov  Askarov levels opponent with bodycheck
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Milwaukee Admirals goaltender Askarov levels opponent with bodycheck

Published May 7, 2024 at 6:22 PM

Yaroslav Askarov may be playing for the Nashville Predators full-time next season, but if he really wants to be part of the Predators and not back with the Milwaukee Admirals of the AHL, he may want to figure out how to reign in his anger and attitude, or he may not even get an opportunity to prove he belongs in the National Hockey League.

During the Admirals game against the Texas Stars, the 21-year-old Omsk, Russia, native took liberties with the Stars forward, and then, depending on which angle you watch, he either kicks or stomps on him after he knocks his opponent down.

While Askarov has the right to defend himself from someone getting too close to him, he doesn't have the right to blatantly mug his opponent and proceed to create a moment that looks like an outright intent to injure.

Askarov knew where the puck was and that the forward wasn't anywhere near it and decided in his infinite wisdom to throw a body check, which even if he was a defender would likely have been called interference at the very least. But you tell us, did he kick him or try to step on him?
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Milwaukee Admirals goaltender Askarov levels opponent with bodycheck

Did Askarov kick or step on his opponent?

Kick3529.9 %
Step2924.8 %
Neither5345.3 %
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