Jonas S falls to the ice with a broken foot
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Head Coach reveals why defender collapsed to the ice in pain

Published January 7, 2024 at 12:21

Getting in the way of a 90 mph slap shit is one of the scariest things a player can do. You have to fight every single instinct you have to get out of the way and put your body on the line for your team. That's exactly what one New Jersey Devils defender did last night and he paid the price for it.

In last night's game against the Vancouver Canucks, Devil's defender Jonas Siegenthaler put his body on the line to block a shot. Unfortunately, the shot caught him directly in the foot and left the defender reeling. Siegenthaler fell to the ice before getting up and trying to continue and play. As the puck went up the ice he attempted to get off but unfortunately was unable to before the puck returned to his defensive zone.

The Canucks were eventually able to score a goal at which point Siegenthaler collapsed to the ice in pain. It was clear the defender was hurt and he needed assistance to get off the ice.

Siegenthaler did not return for the rest of the game and it was clear he'd suffered a serious injury. After the game head coach Lindy Ruff spoke to the media and provided an update on the defender.

Jonas Siegenthaler has a broken foot, says Lindy Ruff.

He'll be out for a bit.

This season Siegenthaler has played in 38 games scoring 1 goal and adding 7 assists. The Swiss defender has been a key part of the Devil's defense as they manage the loss of Dougie Hamilton.
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Head Coach reveals why defender collapsed to the ice in pain

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