Devils Star Forward Sends Savage Chirp Arvidsson's way

Published February 16, 2024 at 9:33

The intensity between the New Jersey Devils and the Los Angeles Kings continued to build as two faced off on Thursday night.

The tension reached its boiling point late in the second period, when Devils star forward Jack Hughes got into an altercation with Kings winger Viktor Arvidsson. During the skirmish Arvidsson caught Hughes high with an elbow that set the American native off.

Hughes sent a savage chirp Arvidsson's way reminding the Kings forward there are levels in the NHL. Hughes being a former #1 overall pick and franchise center for his team while Arvidsson was a former fourth round pick and plays top nine minutes for LA.

«People pay to watch me play»

The pair continued to jaw at each other from the penalty box. They were both assessed a two minute minor with Hughes getting one for roughing and Arvidsson getting one for elbowing.

Hughes may have won the battle of words but it was Arvidsson and the Kings who took the two points with a 2-1 victory.

The two won't need long to engage in another battle as the two teams will play again on March 3rd.
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Devils Star Forward Sends Savage Chirp Arvidsson's way

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