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Artemi Panarin provides unhinged explanation for shaving his head

Published June 17, 2023 at 11:01

Hockey players, by nature are superstitious. Whether they have before-game routines like having to put their equipment on the same way every time, or eating the same meal on game days, they certainly can be a little odd.

Recently, a photo of New York Rangers Star Artemi Panarin has been circulating showing off his new look, a shaved head, but the reason behind the look is bizarre; take a look.

#NYRá Panarin's friend:
Team decided to make drastic image change in order to reset previous bad stage of career, when the NYR were eliminated in 1st rd of playoffs. This is a new stage in the fight for the Cup. An attempt to remove the evil forces that may be in the hair.


From the sounds of it, Panarin isn't the only one to cut all his hair off, but it signifying a new stage of his career is certainly interesting.

Whatever might work though, maybe the evil forces that were in his hair were the reason for the Rangers failure to make it out of the first round?

Like I said, sometimes hockey players are a little superstitious, but this one is a little bizarre, but hey, if the Rangers win the cup next year, I bet everyone around the league will be cutting their hair to get rid of the bad mojo.
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Artemi Panarin provides unhinged explanation for shaving his head

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