Matt Murray accused of cheating again

Published March 19, 2023 at 1:27 PM

Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Matt Murray has earned himself a reputation around the National Hockey League this season of ‘cheating' by knocking the net off one too many times in high pressure situations.

Last night, when the Leafs took on the Ottawa Senators, Murray was at it again, or so it appeared, take a look:

At first glance, it seems Murray was up to his old tricks, knocking the net off accidentally on purpose when Ottawa had sustained offensive zone pressure, but as one Twitter user pointed out, the pegs were in the wrong position, meaning the net was never secure.

If you look that was an actual 100% accident plus i was on the glass right there the refs looked at the pegs and they were actually put in upside down

With Murray's history, it's easy to vilify him, after all he really hasn't done himself any favours, but not only we're the pegs put into the ice incorrectly, you can see at the end of the first clip, he actually puts the net back on before the referee blows the play dead.

I'm all for calling players out for suspicious behaviour, on this one though, it looks as if it was actually an accident.
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Matt Murray accused of cheating again

Did Murray do it on purpose?

Yes7356.2 %
No3023.1 %
The pegs need to be inserted a little better2720.8 %
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