Montreal Canadiens fans leaving the Canadian Tire Centre Early as Ottawa dominates the game
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Tim Stützle and the Ottawa Senators Make Fun of Canadiens Fans for Leaving Early

Published January 19, 2024 at 8:53

Not much has gone right for the Ottawa Senators this season, but a big win over the Montreal Canadiens last night seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. The team, and one of its players, decided to have some fun at the expense of the Habs faithful.

With Montreal playing is nearby Ottawa, there were plenty of people in Canadiens jerseys in the crowd to watch the game. They probably should have kept their money, as Montreal was losing 6-1 at one point in the third. The final score was 6-2. With many Montreal fans deciding to leave the arena early in the third, the Sens brought out the "Fans Leaving Early" cam to show everyone in the arena the steady stream of departing Habs fans.

Sens forward Tim Stützle, who had a goal and two assists in last night's game, thought the early departure of Montreal fans was pretty funny.

"Seeing a lot of Montreal fans leave was great."

Stützle also commented on Brendan Gallagher's antics later in the game, as the feisty Canadiens forward attempted to goad Stützle into a fight.

"You're asking the wrong guy. He's been all over me but I don't really care. We are up 5-1, there's zero need to fight him. He told me I was scared of him. I see it completely different but that's fine."

It's nice to see a bit of a rivalry growing between the two teams. That said, there's little chance of them meeting in the playoffs this year as neither team is projected to make the postseason. Perhaps the league can really get this thing brewing in another year.
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Tim Stützle and the Ottawa Senators Make Fun of Canadiens Fans for Leaving Early

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