joonas Korpisalo hilariously blinded by sun
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Fans react to Joonas Korpisalo hilariously being blinded by the sun

Published April 8, 2024 at 8:53

Yesterday afternoon the Ottawa Senators faced off against the Washington Capitals in an afternoon matinee. All season long, the Senators have struggled with goaltending and it appeared that yesterday would be no different. After allowing the second shot of the game to beat him to give the capitals a 1-0 lead, a funny moment occured.

As Korpisalo stood in the Senators net, he began to yell at officials as light from an upper bowl entry way began to shine down blinding him. The officials blew down play and stood in the crease where Korpisalo stood and saw exactly what he said as looking at.

It turns out an usher had simple forgot to close the curtain and the light found its way down onto the ice. However, the funniest part of everything was the fan reaction to this mishap.

The Senators would go on to win the game in overtime and delivered another blow to the Capitals playoff chances as they continue to fight for the final Wild Card spot.
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Fans react to Joonas Korpisalo hilariously being blinded by the sun

Will the Ottawa Senators make the playoffs next season?

Yes, they will4829.4 %
No they won't7646.6 %
LOL good one2414.7 %
This feels like groundhog day159.2 %
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