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Angry Philadelphia Flyers fans refused entry to College Hockey Game

Published January 12, 2024 at 8:56 PM

This this situation between the Philadelphia Flyers, fan base and the teams former top prospect Cutter Gauthier is a very unique situation. After negotiations fell apart last year between the Flyers and the top prospect, Gauthier made the decision, that he did not want to play for Philadelphia for the Flyers. After months of ghosting the team, the Flyers finally traded him this week to the Anaheim Ducks.

Despite him no longer being a member of the Flyers organization, that doesn't mean that the fan base is done with the young winger. In fact of all, fanbases and sports Philly sports fans are probably the last bunch you'd like to upset. That is something that Cutter is about to learn.

Tonight, some angry Flyers fans attended the Boston College game where Gauthier is set to play. However, before the game could begin these Flyers fans were refused entry to the game. Flyers Nation shared the following on their X page.

Boston College security temporarily prevented these paying fans from entering the game tonight because they were wearing #Flyers gear.

They were eventually let in. Boston College is playing Providence right now at the Conte Forum in Chesnut Hill, MA.

Was sent this info from a BC student who didn't want to be identified 👀

The Flyers fans were eventually able to give Gauthier a piece of their mind after common sense prevailed and they were allowed to enter. Gauthier however wasn't phased and showed off his NHL ready shot to those in attendance.

Given the history of Philadelphia sports, I would expect Gauthier to be public enemy enemy number one for his entire career. If you think how New York Islanders fans treat to John Tavares is bad, you likely haven't seen anything yet.
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Angry Philadelphia Flyers fans refused entry to College Hockey Game

Should Flyers fans be banned from watching Gauthier play?

No, it's ridiculous26853.9 %
Yes, they're big babies7314.7 %
Only if their disruptive and unruly15631.4 %
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