Kyle Dubas facing claims of tampering as he accepts new job with Pittsburgh Penguins

Published June 1, 2023 at 2:36 PM

When Kyle Dubas sat down in front of Toronto media for the last time he made it clear that next year he'd be the General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs or he would be taking a year off. Dubas made it clear he wouldn't put his family through another difficult year after his final year in Toronto.

However two weeks later Dubas finds himself as the new President of Hockey Operations for the Pittsburgh Penguins. This role marks a significant promotion for Dubas, but has left fans and media members asking serious questions about how this all came together.

Arash Madani, who usually covers the Toronto Blue Jays was especially harsh of Dubas and the way his deal came together with the Fenway Sports Group, who also owns the Boston Red Sox.

I swear I'm old enough to remember Kyle Dubas saying he would work in Toronto next season, or nowhere else!

Reminder No. 67,872: what's said publicly is what executives and coaches want you to believe. It's their narrative.

The *actual* truths are a bunch of layers further.

There is NEVER tampering in pro sports. There's no way Dubas knew Pittsburgh would have an offer for him when he said what he did in Toronto after the Round 2 loss.

There's no way he used that press conference to orchestrate his exit, knowing that this gig was waiting for him.

These claims are likely to be heavily investigated. Before Dubas had been fired by the Maple Leafs multiple reports leaked of FSG's interest in adding him to their management group had been reported.

Given the NHL's history it's likely no tampering charges will result from this, but it's an interesting situation to follow.
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Kyle Dubas facing claims of tampering as he accepts new job with Pittsburgh Penguins

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