Marc-Andre Fleury once downloaded Tinder on team employees phone during hilarious prank

Published April 8, 2023 at 1:50 PM

Marc-Andre Fleury has always been known around the league as one of the biggest pranksters. Fleury takes any and every opportunity he can find to try and get a laugh. Most recently during a practice stretch session, Fleury saw an opportunity to pie a teammate in his face for his birthday.

Now former teammates and coaches are using this as an opportunity to share some of their favorite stories. This included a hilarious story from former assistant coach Rich Tocchet. It's clear that Fleury is willing to go above and beyond to pull off a prank and this is just another example.

The matchmaker

The prank: It was the 2016-17 season, and the defending Cup champion Penguins were in Tampa for a road game. Rick Tocchet, then a Pittsburgh assistant coach, says Fleury somehow snagged one of their trainers iPhones, downloaded the dating app Tinder and set up a profile for the unsuspecting staff member.

Tocchet recalls Fleury's fake message: (a trainer) for the Penguins, we won the Cup last year, if you want to come to the game,' That was the long and short of it.

"Fleury) got her front-row seats, club seats. He rolled out the red carpet for her. They were packing the bus up, and the girl was with the families in that section and waiting. So (the trainer) walks by her and has no clue. She's like, 'Do I give him a hug or say hi? He was like, "What is this girl doing? That was all Flower! But they ended up dating for a couple months, so the story turned out really good."

This is another example of why Fleury is one of the most well liked players in the entire National Hockey League. It's only a matter of time before another story about Fleury's antics shows up online.
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Marc-Andre Fleury once downloaded Tinder on team employees phone during hilarious prank

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