Insider reveals why Tyler Motte wasn't able to stay in New York

Published September 10, 2023 at 12:20

Following an uneventful summer, free agent Tyler Motte has finally signed a new deal for the 2023-24 season with the Tampa Bay Lightning. One insider says it's the second time Motte has priced himself out of a spot with the New York Rangers.

Motte initially joined the Rangers at the trade deadline in 2022. He reportedly very much wanted to remain with the team, but a deal could not be reached and he signed a one-year contract with Ottawa for last year. Motte was sent back to the Rangers by the Senators at last year's deadline, a sign that the team once again wanted to keep him. However, Motte ended up signing with the Bolts for $800k, just above league minimum. Larry Brooks of the New York Post says Motte was asking for way too much from the Rangers.

"Have been told by multiple sources that Motte's asking price into free agency and much of the summer was $2M per."

Second consecutive offseason this useful fourth-liner misread the market and priced himself out of New York."

It is also worth noting that Motte changed agents a year ago in the hopes of getting a better deal when he hit free agency. It apparently didn't work.

Motte can add depth to just about any team in the NHL, but there are many of these players around. The 28-year-old can try for another $2 million dollar deal after this upcoming season.
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Insider reveals why Tyler Motte wasn't able to stay in New York

Is Motte worth $2 million per?

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No5362.4 %
Not the way he plays910.6 %
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