Insider reveals disrespectful offer and tactics Lightning have used with Stamkos

Sam Hutch
June 30, 2024  (7:10 PM)

Steven Stamkos
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An insider has just revealed exactly how disrespectful the Tampa Bay Lightning and general manager Julien BriseBois have been to Steven Stamkos.

I think many people around the hockey world were surprised when long time Tampa Bay Lightning captain Steven Stamkos would not be re-signing with the team and instead would elect to test free agency.
Then things started to come out about the contract negotiations and how Stamkos was actually right to be leaving the team.
Now we know just how disrespectful the Tampa Bay Lightning were when dealing with Stamkos, who has been with them his entire career. According to lightning insider, General manager, Julien BriseBois essentially treated Stamkos as just a salary, cap number and not a human being and loyal star. Even though the longtime lightning superstar was willing to take a significant pay, cut to sign longer term in Tampa.
Stamkos is a human being, not just a salary cap number. I can only imagine how he's felt this whole process.

Stamkos, 34, has been with the lightning his entire career and was willing to take a significant pay cut to stay with the team around 4 to $5 million dollars, But BriseBois instead lowballed Stamkos Offering him an insulting $3 million per season and making it to take it or leave it off, In some kind of sick test of loyalty
Lightning Beat Reporter Gabby Shirley also added this quote from BriseBois
I met with Don Meehan again this morning following a trade. Don is Steven's agent. The plan is for Steven to test the free agent market. Our respective positions haven't changed following today's trades. I understand that when you get this close to free agency it can be tempting to see what the market has to offer to you. That was a risk I was taking when I didn't go to Steven a year early to try to lock him up and get a contract done and, to be fair, I did tell Donnie today that I think it's in the best interest of our organization to explore all options in the coming days whether it be trades or by getting to free agency and seeing how we can use this cap space to improve the makeup of our team.

Stamkos had 40 goals and 81 points last season for the Tampa Bay Lightning to treat him like this is abhorrent and they're going to lose him for nothing. They could've offered him what he was asking, especially after they cleared $11.5 million in salary yesterday, but chose not to.
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Insider reveals disrespectful offer and tactics Lightning have used with Stamkos

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