Auston Matthews' Next Deal with the Leafs Reportedly All but Done

Published August 1, 2023 at 8:27 PM

When Brad Treliving took over as General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs at the end of the 2022-23 season, there was no doubt that he had a gigantic task on his hands if he wanted to keep the team core four players together. A new report states Treliving already has one of them in the bag.

Carlo Colaiacovo appeared on the 1stUp show on TSN 1050 Radio today and told his listeners a new contract for Auston Matthews, who becomes a free agent at the end of 2023-24, is essentially done, adding it will be announced "any day now." He also gave his take on the term and money involved.

"My understanding is that an Auston Matthews deal is going to happen any day right now. Nobody knows the exact date, but the expectation is that it's happening. It's going to be anywhere between 3-5 years and it's going to range between $13M and $14M, depending on the term. It's going to happen any day - that's the only thing I know that's going on in Leaf land." - Colaiacovo on Matthews extension talks


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Colaiacovo's prediction of money and term is very much along the lines of what most analysts have been saying. Toronto would, of course, like to sign Matthews to the maximum term of eight years if possible. However, it seems the 25-year-old sniper is set on signing for shorter term to cash in on another deal while he's still able to do so. It's a tough spot for the Leafs, but a reality that Treliving has to take into account.

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Auston Matthews' Next Deal with the Leafs Reportedly All but Done

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