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Auston Matthews finally admits he's never been more embarrassed

Published December 22, 2023 at 7:54

The Toronto Maple Leafs always seem to find a way to reach brand new levels of embarrassment year after year. From blowing major leads to losing to a Zamboni driver, the Leafs somehow always find a way to outdo themselves. Tonight was no different.

Last night the Toronto Maple Leafs faced off against the Buffalo Sabres in an Atlantic Division matchup. Given the direction of both teams this should have been an easy victory for the Leafs. But as has become the case, the Leafs have found a way to play down to their opponents level.

After some abysmal play by Ilya Samsonov the always found themselves in a very early 5-2 hole, which led to a goaltending change. The change didn't help and the Leafs ultimately lost 9-3. After the game during an interview, Auston Matthews, who has been criticized in the past for not caring, was very open in his post game interview.

«Embarrassing is the word I'd use,» says Auston Matthews. «Probably the worst game since I've been here.»

This is one of the first times Matthews has openly admitted the team's play has been embarrassing. This could be a major step forward for the team, who has lacked accountability for years now. It will be interesting to see if the Maple Leafs can grow from this, or if it's another example of how top level talent can't win when it matters.
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Auston Matthews finally admits he's never been more embarrassed

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