Could Jake McCabe face a hearing after a big hit during last night's game?

Published April 19, 2023 at 10:32

For the first time in his NHL career Jake McCabe finally got to play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. In all his time with the Chicago Blackhawks and the Buffalo Sabres, the rugged defender was never on a competitive hockey club. Last night that all changed, and McCabe wasted no time making hard hits and establishing physical play on the ice. For example, McCabe caught Tampa forward Michael Eyssimont with his head down at the Toronto blueline and delivered a big hit.

Eyssimont went down like a ton of bricks and was wobbly heading towards the bench. Even while Eyssimont was on the bench he looked like he was seeing stars. He eventually left the game and did not return. His status for game two is unknown. See the replay of the hit below.

Some fans called for McCabe to face a hearing for this hit due to its blindside nature and contact to the head. However, the referees on the ice felt there was nothing wrong with this hit.

Last night was another typical big loss for the Maple Leafs on home ice and the pressure continues to mount for the struggling franchise. However, the physical play of Luke Schenn and Jake McCabe has to be a small bright spot in what was a dismal game for Toronto. On the plus side for Toronto, it's only one game and this will be a long series. Additionally, Erik Cernak, Victor Hedman, and Michael Eyssimont all left the game with injuries for Tampa and who knows if they will play in game two.

So perhaps the physical play will help Toronto to wear down Tampa Bay. This is why General Manager Kyle Dubas went out and acquired veteran players who play with an edge. The whole Toronto team has to come up with a much better effort in game 2.
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Could Jake McCabe face a hearing after a big hit during last night's game?

Was this hit clean or dirty?

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