Leafs may sign another ATO goaltender, could start tonight in Tampa

Published April 11, 2023 at 2:11 PM

Since Matt Murray went down with an injury and the team needed to sign college prospect Matthew Knies, the Leafs have been tight to roster and salary cap rules without much security at the goaltending position. Now, the Leafs have signed two goalies to an Amateur Tryout Offer, and one of those goalies is expected to start tonight against Tampa.

With tonight being a back-to-back game and Samsonov having played last night, it's a nightmare situation to play him again and risk injury against their upcoming playoff matchup. The NHL denied the Leafs' request to recall Joseph Woll for an emergency start, and therefore forcing their hand to sign two mystery goalies.

Soon after sighting two new goalies at practice, it was confirmed that one of goaltenders Matt Onuska of the Windsor Spitfires, or Samuel Richards of the University of New Brunswick could be starting tonight against Andrei Vasilevskiy.

Overall, this just feels like a largely shameful event from the NHL. Toronto's request to recall a competitive goalie in Joseph Woll was denied, despite legitimate injury to a tandem goalie, and are being forced by the league to essentially throw this game.


It looks as if Joseph Woll may be able to start tonight as he's listed on the Leafs roster
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Leafs may sign another ATO goaltender, could start tonight in Tampa

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